Warriors of Light

Rewards Of Courage

“A rat’s tail! We almost get killed for a rat’s tail!!!” exclaims the black mage. He is going to have to explain this one when we get back. So they travel back to the airship which looks like it is in ruins. and has been for some time. “What the hell happened?” exclaims one of the followers. “Sorry, about that.” they hear coming from above them. They look up to see Cid there at the top he throws down a rope latter. After they climbed up he explains that he installed a cloaking device on the ship this way no one can steal it. “Well not so much as a cloaking device as it just creates an illusion of an old demolished ship.” he says. So they tell him to go back to the Cardia Islands. So they head off and land on the correct island. Now they head down the passageway and up the stairs. They enter the throne room and then proceed to Bahamut. Once there in front of him he says “Long has it been since men of courage stood before me. Your bravery would seem worthy of consideration.” The warriors then step back as Bahamut begins to rise.”the rat’s tail you carry is a fitting token of courage and strength… So be it… I shall honor you with titles befitting your valor.” He then spreads his wings and points his two front claws at them as he is engulfed in a bright aura. He then shoots a beam at them. This beam hits them changes their clothes and armor. The black mage is now a Black Wizard. His armor that he was wearing disappears and he is now wearing a fine blue robe with gold trimmings, also a ruby armlet. The same thing happens to the white mage. His clothes changes to a fine white robe with orange trimmings and a red cape. He is now a White Wizard. The red mage outfit barely changes. Although now there is orange trimmings and a little white as well. He is now a Red Wizard. The black belt goes through changes as well. His karate gi changes there is no longer a black belt at his waist. He now wears the symbol of the Master. A few followers change as well, but they are not that important to the story.The Black Wizard now sees his chance and ask why a rat’s tail? “Well to be perfectly honest I had no idea of what it was suppose to look like for it is an object that is changing down through the centuries. last time I saw it, it was a old boot.” the king of dragon says. “Go to the other caves and take the treasure marked for you.” So they bid the king farewell.



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