Warriors of Light

Onwards to Onrac

Now that they have proven their courage the party checks out the rest of the caves, on the other islands. The warriors travel to the third island. There is two caves . they go to the first one. In the cave they find a single dragon. They talk to it. He tells them that long ago Dragons and humans once coexisted. The other cave they found three dragons discussing their next trip th the citadel of trials. They then went to the fourth island.

The fourth island contain one cave. In the cave they found one large room.Inside there are two dragons three chest. When they enter the dragon are very kind for they know that the warriors has been honored. They tell them that unlike there cosins they dislike killing. While the tells them that it is rare for people like them to visit on the island. They then go and collect the treasure. The first chest contains an Elixir. The second one contains A Traveler’s Cottage. The third contains 500 Gil.

When they exit the room they bump into another dragon. He tells them “Once long ago, the northland was filled with beautiful shrines and toweering mechanical castles.”

The last of the island has one cave. In the cave is two rooms. The warriorsd head to the one that is north.inside the small room is one chest. The chest contains Traveler’s Tent. They then went to the southern room. inside was two chests. The first of these contained Dry Ether, the second contained a Gold Needle.

When they get to the ship they then ask themselves where to. The master says that theyshould head west since they have already headed east. Plus that light in the sky needs to be investigated. So they leave as they fly around looking for a parking space, Cid notices a caravan in the desert and a town along the river. Cid parks the air ship at the edge of the desert. They choose to head towardsthe town first.



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