Warriors of Light

The Cardia Islands

Having just left Gaia, our heroes were traveling West. They came upon a group of islands. On the islands there were large holes in the ground. The group decided to investigate. They set down on the second island. They traveled to the hole which was huge, and in they went. The cave was huge it contained two rooms they went into the closet one. Inside there was three chest and a Dragon. Which did scare them for the color was red. Where they come for a red Dragon was evil. Or not to be mess with. “Yes, come in these chests are for you.” they went to the chests and open them, the chest contents were as follows 1)2,750 gil 2)2,000 gil 3)1,455 gil. They then proceeded to the second room. When they looked in side, there was another dragonthis one did not speak until they spoke to him. He talked about proving one self of courage beofre seeking the king. There was also four more chests which made the black mage happy. I wonder does he have ant dwarf blood in him. Well the chest contents were as follows 1)X-potion 2)9,500 gil 3)2,750 gil $)1,520 gil. From here they went back to the ship and went to the first island. At least now they new what the holes in the ground was. They entered the cave and fuond a long corridor. At the end of the passageway they saw stairs leading down. Might as well, they proceeded onward. they ended up inwhat appeared to be a room with a door. They opened the door and looked in. they saw an extremely long room. Slightly pass the mid point there were statues of dragons. Seated on the thrown was Bahamut. The group was going to move foward when they were stopped by the guards. They were then asked if they have proof of there courage. They of course did not so the guards told them to go to the citadel and get the proof of there courage.



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