Warriors of Light

The Trials Begin

Our heroes got back to the ship and told Cid where they had to go. So Cid piloted the ship East.he flew around the Citadel and finally found a place to land. It was just over the river and slightly pass the woods. It should be about a days travel on foot. While heading toward the Citadel they encounter some monsters. Such as Allosaurus, a few tigers, and a passing hill giant. They then reach the Citadel, where they make camp for the night. In the morning when everyone is ready they enter the Citadel. when they entered they see a vast room about 150’ by 150’. There are columns that head towards the center of the room and in circle the middle. When they reach the middle there is someone waiting for them. the person tells them that what they seek is on the third floor and good luck. They looked around for the stairs to the second floor. They found a room in the Northwest corner. In the room was a chair. No stairs. “Might as well sit on it.” mention the red mage. He is then teleported away. The others follow suit. They find themselves in a small room in the center of the second floor. Out side this room is another small room with a dais in the opposite corner. It would seem that the second floor is a small maze. The only way to get around through the small rooms is by way of a teleportation circle.



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