Warriors of Light

The Trials part 2

When the warriors headed towards the teleporter pad they were attacked by five Rakshasas. The five were not prepared to face the warriors. One got his but handed to him by the black belt. The others were handle By the red mage and black mage. Upon the defeat of the enemies the head towards the teleporter. they appear in another room, just like the last one, small with a teleporter at the other end. This time they are attacked by a mummy and 5 zombie minotaurs. Which are made quick work of. They touch the teleporter and appear in another room slightly larger with two pads. Which one? By following there own rule of always going left they chose the right one. Another small room this time they were attack by horned devils. They made it through the battle and the teleporter. Another small room with two choices. They went left which brought them back to the first room. But at least they had for knowledge of where these teleporters would take them. So when they get back to the fifth room they went right this time. They appeared at the upper end of a corridor. Along the path is seven zombie minotaurs. No problem for the warriors. Now in another small room, square in shape, with two teleporters. The red mage thinking that if they go there normal route that they will most likely end up in a previous room choose the right one. Another corridor this one is slit though.but meets up at the other end. as they travel down the passageway they are attack. For this time it is three nightmares. I know what you are thinking. How can they get up there? By teleporters, for those not paying attention. They find a room with a door at last. They check it out. It has a treasure chest. One with runes on it the same as in Mount Gulg and the Marsh Cave. They open it and find gauntlets. In this passageway there is one teleporter directly opposite the room. Another on the opposite side and a third at the end of the corridor. “Let’s go for the one in the middle.” suggested the black belt. This took them to a small room with stairs leading up.



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