Warriors of Light

The Trials Part 3

They are now on The top floor. There are in a small room like the one below only this one has a doorway with no door. Pass the door is a corridor heading south. They then ran into more horned devils, which they took care of. At the end of the passageway is a door.(So that’s where it went) When the heroes open the door, there is an alcove with a chest in it.The chest contain a healing staff. They then went down the west passage. Where they were ambushed by six mummies and one king mummy. with a little trouble from the king one they survived. At the end of this passage was another alcove. This one had three chest. Inside each was the following 1)Ruby Armlet 2)Ice Brand 3)Steel gloves.Now they proceed down the south passage which ended in another alcove with four chest. The first chest match the one from the second floor. The second contained a Traveler’s Cottage. The third had 1,455 gil and the forth had 7,340 gil.just as they were about to go to the east passageway, they were ambushed by five Rakshasas. Four Rakshasas cast Fira and the fith cast mass haste. The warriors then charged after them. The Rakshasa then fought the warriors except one who Dimention Door away to the east passageway. Then cast Wall Of Stone. This blocked the passageway. The black mage was the one to notice that they did not get all of them. They then traveled back towards the east passageway, but it is blocked. The red mage then cast passwall to create a hole in the wall so that they can pass through and get the last one. However, the last Rakshasa was not so dumb. While they were doing that, he ran to the other end of the passageway and cast Grease. He then use the throne to get away. For it is just like the one on the first floor. The black belt was the first to go through. He ran through the opening, catching a glimpse of the last one running north, he spead up. The black belt then slip on the grease spot on the floor and slid towards the end of the passageway hitting the wall at the end.everyone else sees this happen and decides to walk very carefully pass the grease spot. When the world stop spinning for the black belt he notice a chest next to the throne. He pointed it out to them when they caught up to him. They checked it over and saw that yes it was a summoning trap. So they prepared as best they could and triggered it. They were summoned to a large room with two zombie dragons. Yes zombie dragons, we all know that that should not exist but it appears that someone has found away. With Dia spells and fire type spells at the ready, they opened up the carnage on them and took out the zombie dragons. Inside the chest was the cut off tail of a rat.



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