Fun guy. Just try not to piss him off and you'll stay alive


STR 40 DEX 39 CON 43 INT 35 WIS 38 AC 50 HIT POINTS Varies WEAPON Wrench FORT 62 REFLEX 50 WILL 50 LEVEL Fighter 25, Engineer 40, MONK spec. 30 Others Unknown ITEMS unknown TRUE AGE unknown FRIENDS Known Cronos, Layla, Bahamut, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Isis, Thor, Freya, Heimdal, Vulcan, Sif, Uller

Looks to be about forty years of age. Almost always appears to be wearing overalls  and a black shirt that has grease stains on it. Along with a tool belt around the middle.
He sometimes wears a cap with dark goglles on it. His hair is greying, but his beard is still ok.

Cid was born about 34 years ago. When his parents move into a new neighborhood, looking for a new job, cid met his best freind Cronos. Cid and Cronos were always getting into trouble of some type. You know the type, stealing sweets, sledding down a big hill falling into the water, ect. When Cid was age fifteen, his father took him to a blacksmith to learn the trade and to keep him out of even bigger trouble now that he was older. Cid took to smithing like a duck takes to water. He soon became the best in the town. However,when Cronos turn eighteen, he discover that he was the son of a god. But did not know which one. He tried not to include Cid, but one cannot hardly notice abest friends disappearence. So Cid took off after him. So the adventure begins. After Cronos discovered who his father was and how to use his gifts. he could not help but notice that his friend was aging while he was not. So with his fathers help, on Cid’s 34 birthday, Cronos made Cid immortal.


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