Platinum Blond hair. Electric blue eyes. Ruby red lips Dancers build.Usually seen wearing a blue dress.Seem to be polite when out in public. But can kick anyones ass if they get out of line.


She is platinum blond. She has a dances build. Her favroite color is blue. So she is always dresses in blue. She likes to laugh and have fun. Always up for a game or a party. She is very smart Her knowledge is always growing. But will get angry when someone tries to hurt Cid or her friends. She will defend them till the death. She knows what she is and knows that someday she will have children. Which does seem unlikely but if she was created so can her children be created.


Layla was created By Cid to fill in the space left by his dead wife. For she was every thing to him. While on the verge of death Cid tried to obtain her soul and put it into another body. But he only got her likeness. Knowing that he only got her likeness he had a golem created to preserve it. Till he could find her reincarnated body again. Though there kids survived and he took care of them up until they had to make there way in the world. He still misses them. But After visiting other worlds and dimentions and gaining more knowledge. He soon found a place with infinate amount of space contained in a finite space. He needed some one to run it and hold down the fort while he is away and will welcome him home each time so he tranfered Layla’s essence there. She became the A.I. of the place. There she remains. He finally built her a properly looking “golem” for her use outside of the home while also allowing her to remain inside the home as well. when the light warriors met her they thought that she was a spirit. For she could appear right out of thin air. and have no substance. Her greate granddaughter can be found on a ship called the Casey Jones, which is incedently her name. For she is the A.I. of the ship. No other ship like her in starfleet. But that is a different story and system.


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