Warriors of Light


They seem to be in a big room with two exits. One is to the north, the other is to the west. Naturaly they take the west, for they always go left. The hall shortly ends and they must either go left or right. Left again. This leads to a room. The room is unlocked. They go inside but it is empty. So they backtrack and take the right passage. Another split, They make there usual choice. This leads to a huge room. They follow the path around, the room to the other side, where they find a door. They follow this hall, which leads to an elaborate door. This has to be where the crystal is.

They prepare for the main fight. Then enter the room. Before they can take ten step, they here a voice say “Hmph. You Humans do impress… I would not have thought to see you here.” Then With a flash of light Kraken is before them. He looks like a giant squid wearing a cape. He goes on to say “But do you really think you can defeat the fiend of water, here in my own domain? FOOLS!! THESE DARK DEPTHS SHALL BE YOUR TOMB!!!”

Thus the battle commenced. The mage got most of the kill. For everyone got in a hit, but the battle was over in about thirty seconds (5 rounds). The light warriors then head over to the huge crystal. Touches there smaller water crystal to the bigger one. Where the smaller one oce touch it glows, then pulses, with each pulse the light takes over more of the crysltal. Til the whole crystal is shining once again. They then proceed to the back of the room. There they find a Teleportation circle. Which they step on all together. They then find themselves out side of town a few miles away.

Sunken Shrine: One More Floor

On this level they seem to be in a broken corridore. The wall on there left is breaking down and they can see a room. A little further up they are granted acess to the room. They check for traps on the door and procede in.There are two chest inside. The left one contains 7,690 gil. While the right one contains 8,135 gil. The group head out of the room to search the rest of this level.

While searching they encounter some white sharks. Over on the north west side they find another room. After the ritual they go inside, where they find three chest. p. One of the group spots some runes that the black mage was about to step on, in his haste to get to the treasure.they prepare them selves then step on the runes. The runes summon four water elementals. which they make short work of, for six verse four who do you think would win. In the left chest they found 5,450 gil. In the center chest they found 385 gil. In the right chest they found Giant’s Gloves. p. They headed north after this room. Where they find another roomand a third off in the distance.They head in. There is only one chest. No runes around this one. They open it to find a Light Axe. They then head over to the last room on this floor. Where after checking it they enter. There are four chest in this one. Yes there is runes. They prepare and touch the runes. Which summons five water elementals. Since they have encontered them before it goes well. Even thogh they are more powerful then the last. The first chest contained Ribbon. The second chest contained 9,900 gil. The third chest contained 7,340 gil and the last contained 2,750 gil. When they exit the red mage/ summoner spots the stairs heading down.

The Sunken Shine

When they land they are two rows of columns in front of them. As they travel in they look to the right and spot a room. They check for traps and to see if it is locked. It is not. They open the door and see a chest in the middle of the room. They approach to within five feet. Check to see if there are any runes on the floor or on the chest. There is none. They open the chest and find 2,000 gil. The black wizard checks for secret hidings. (I swear he has to be a dwarf of some kind)

They head west past the columns and around the corner, there they spot another room. They do the normal procedure and enter. There is another chest . Same thing as last time. In the chest is 9,900 gill. They proceed to check out the northwest corner of this shrine and spot stairs going down.

When they reach the bottom they look around. This level is breaking down slowly but surely. They check out the west side of the “floor” that they are on they battle white sharks, big eyes, and the like. They then proceed to the north. Here they find another set of stairs heading up. They take the stairs for there is no place else to go.

This is more like a stairwell for they apper on a small platform where there is another set of stairs going up. Now they are in a small corridor. They they travel east for that way is left. It turns out that it is just a small alcove with an empty room. At the other end of the alcove there is set of stairs leading down. They take it.

Now they are out side a room. They do the normal procedures and head in. Here they find two chest, one just inside and to the right, the other is tucked around the corner. The first contains 110 gil, while the other contains 450 gil.Of course you know who is checking for false bottoms. At the other end of the room is a door. They head out to find another staircase. They head down.

The Faerie

The warriors head to the desert in search of the caravan. They run into some desert creature such as desert barretta, giant scorpions, and a giant sand worm. They still make it through.

At the northern end of the desert they encounter the caravan. They find a merchant there. He is trying to sell a faerie in a bottle. His ask price 50,000 gil. The master of the group picks up the merchant by the neck. “Why are you selling it at such a high price.” The merchant response was, ” High price I was originally asking 1,000,000 gil but know one would buy it. I have to feed my family. what would you have done?”

They purchase the bottle, he offers to sell them some tonic but they decline. When they release the faerie it zooms away, flying northeast. The group head to the ship guessing where the faerie might be headed. They travel to Gaia. They head straight towards the pond. There they are met by the faerie who apologizes to them for taking off like that. She tells them that she just wanted to get away. Not that the merchant was bad or anything.

To thank them she takes the bottle that she was kept in, and dives into the water. when she emerges she give them the bottle. She tells them that inside is Oxyale. She explains that Oxyale will supply them with air when going under water for 24 hours. They thank her and head back to the ship. They head back to Onrac. Now they have away to survive underwater.

They talk to the owner of the submarine and tell her about the Oxyale. She gladly agrees to lend them the submarine. The warriors rest for the night and head our in the morning. Before they head out under the water they take a sip. This fills up there lungs with air. Looking out the view port, they see a spectacular sight. For none have been this far deep under water. They see different fishes and eels and the like. They soon come upon the temple. They don’t seem to head to the bottom, rather they land on the third floor where a dock like thing is built.

From what they gather they guess that the temple has a few levels, instead of the standard one.


The heroes go into town. There is a stone pathway. They follow the stone pathway. It first leads them to the item shop. The item shop has for sale: Hi-potion, Ether, Remedy, Gold Needle, Traveler’s Cottage. They get what they need and move on.

The next stop is the Temple. Here they sign in and talk to the town people that are hanging around outside. The Red Wizard goes and talks to a beautiful woman. The woman goes on and on about her legs.The Master and the Black Wizard talk to a guy on the side and he ask them about Oxyale. This leaves the Withe Wizard to talkto the old man in the back. The old man tells them that the shrine sank into the sea two hundred years ago. Now there are mermaids living there- or so the story goes.

They are then stop further up the path by a bald man or perhapes a monk, I can’t tell. The guy tells him that the guy in the caravan has something weird for sale.After the Temple there is a cemetary. In the cemetary there are two people there. One is oviously drunk. He complains that he hasn’t caught any fish, so how can put food on the tableand ale in his stomach. The other person tell them that this use to be a beautiful town two hundred years ago.

The path turns around and they enter the middle of town. There they talk to a teenager who tells them of her farther. That he is with the caravan. She gives them the location of where they usually set up, and hopes that he comes home soon. Another monk tells them that Kppe’s been spreading some story about how he saw some shining thing fall out of the sky.

The path travels past two magic shops. They are both seventh level magic. So those of the appropriate type goes into them and looks around. Hanging around is another woman dress like a witch. She ask them if those are their real legs. The path turns south then splits. They take the left one first. This leads them to the Inn. There are two people hanging outside. The first woman tells them that the shrine is said to be filled with riches. Silver, diamonds… even tablets describing lost languages and civilizations, if you believe the legends. The guy dress like a nobleman tell them that long ago, an ancient race known as the Sky People used a language called lufenian. His brother, Unne, would always talk about it, telling him how he could speak it if only he had the Rosetta Stone.

The Inn dipite some damage is realy nice with a water fountain in front and a mote going around it leading to the sea. The price for the stay is 300 gil. A red dragon on the path to the right is amazed that the group have been honored by the dragon king.

About mid way down the path they run into Koppe. He tells them all about the shining object that he saw in the sky. He tells them that he thinks that it came down somewher near the waterfall to the north. No one believes him that he thinks that it is some kind of mechnical creature.

At the end of the path is a dock. At the dock is a blond woman guarding a strage contraption in the water.She tell them that she wanted to save the mermaids living on the seafloor, so she made this machine called a submarine out of a barrel. But when she went under water, she started running out of air,and couldn’t breath. Its totally useless. Even worse, its dangeous. you better keep away she warns.

The group figures that this is where the third fiends is. But how do they get down there with out drowning. So they decide to go to the caravan. And see what they have that is so weird.

Onwards to Onrac

Now that they have proven their courage the party checks out the rest of the caves, on the other islands. The warriors travel to the third island. There is two caves . they go to the first one. In the cave they find a single dragon. They talk to it. He tells them that long ago Dragons and humans once coexisted. The other cave they found three dragons discussing their next trip th the citadel of trials. They then went to the fourth island.

The fourth island contain one cave. In the cave they found one large room.Inside there are two dragons three chest. When they enter the dragon are very kind for they know that the warriors has been honored. They tell them that unlike there cosins they dislike killing. While the tells them that it is rare for people like them to visit on the island. They then go and collect the treasure. The first chest contains an Elixir. The second one contains A Traveler’s Cottage. The third contains 500 Gil.

When they exit the room they bump into another dragon. He tells them “Once long ago, the northland was filled with beautiful shrines and toweering mechanical castles.”

The last of the island has one cave. In the cave is two rooms. The warriorsd head to the one that is north.inside the small room is one chest. The chest contains Traveler’s Tent. They then went to the southern room. inside was two chests. The first of these contained Dry Ether, the second contained a Gold Needle.

When they get to the ship they then ask themselves where to. The master says that theyshould head west since they have already headed east. Plus that light in the sky needs to be investigated. So they leave as they fly around looking for a parking space, Cid notices a caravan in the desert and a town along the river. Cid parks the air ship at the edge of the desert. They choose to head towardsthe town first.

Rewards Of Courage

“A rat’s tail! We almost get killed for a rat’s tail!!!” exclaims the black mage. He is going to have to explain this one when we get back. So they travel back to the airship which looks like it is in ruins. and has been for some time. “What the hell happened?” exclaims one of the followers. “Sorry, about that.” they hear coming from above them. They look up to see Cid there at the top he throws down a rope latter. After they climbed up he explains that he installed a cloaking device on the ship this way no one can steal it. “Well not so much as a cloaking device as it just creates an illusion of an old demolished ship.” he says. So they tell him to go back to the Cardia Islands. So they head off and land on the correct island. Now they head down the passageway and up the stairs. They enter the throne room and then proceed to Bahamut. Once there in front of him he says “Long has it been since men of courage stood before me. Your bravery would seem worthy of consideration.” The warriors then step back as Bahamut begins to rise.”the rat’s tail you carry is a fitting token of courage and strength… So be it… I shall honor you with titles befitting your valor.” He then spreads his wings and points his two front claws at them as he is engulfed in a bright aura. He then shoots a beam at them. This beam hits them changes their clothes and armor. The black mage is now a Black Wizard. His armor that he was wearing disappears and he is now wearing a fine blue robe with gold trimmings, also a ruby armlet. The same thing happens to the white mage. His clothes changes to a fine white robe with orange trimmings and a red cape. He is now a White Wizard. The red mage outfit barely changes. Although now there is orange trimmings and a little white as well. He is now a Red Wizard. The black belt goes through changes as well. His karate gi changes there is no longer a black belt at his waist. He now wears the symbol of the Master. A few followers change as well, but they are not that important to the story.The Black Wizard now sees his chance and ask why a rat’s tail? “Well to be perfectly honest I had no idea of what it was suppose to look like for it is an object that is changing down through the centuries. last time I saw it, it was a old boot.” the king of dragon says. “Go to the other caves and take the treasure marked for you.” So they bid the king farewell.

The Trials Part 3

They are now on The top floor. There are in a small room like the one below only this one has a doorway with no door. Pass the door is a corridor heading south. They then ran into more horned devils, which they took care of. At the end of the passageway is a door.(So that’s where it went) When the heroes open the door, there is an alcove with a chest in it.The chest contain a healing staff. They then went down the west passage. Where they were ambushed by six mummies and one king mummy. with a little trouble from the king one they survived. At the end of this passage was another alcove. This one had three chest. Inside each was the following 1)Ruby Armlet 2)Ice Brand 3)Steel gloves.Now they proceed down the south passage which ended in another alcove with four chest. The first chest match the one from the second floor. The second contained a Traveler’s Cottage. The third had 1,455 gil and the forth had 7,340 gil.just as they were about to go to the east passageway, they were ambushed by five Rakshasas. Four Rakshasas cast Fira and the fith cast mass haste. The warriors then charged after them. The Rakshasa then fought the warriors except one who Dimention Door away to the east passageway. Then cast Wall Of Stone. This blocked the passageway. The black mage was the one to notice that they did not get all of them. They then traveled back towards the east passageway, but it is blocked. The red mage then cast passwall to create a hole in the wall so that they can pass through and get the last one. However, the last Rakshasa was not so dumb. While they were doing that, he ran to the other end of the passageway and cast Grease. He then use the throne to get away. For it is just like the one on the first floor. The black belt was the first to go through. He ran through the opening, catching a glimpse of the last one running north, he spead up. The black belt then slip on the grease spot on the floor and slid towards the end of the passageway hitting the wall at the end.everyone else sees this happen and decides to walk very carefully pass the grease spot. When the world stop spinning for the black belt he notice a chest next to the throne. He pointed it out to them when they caught up to him. They checked it over and saw that yes it was a summoning trap. So they prepared as best they could and triggered it. They were summoned to a large room with two zombie dragons. Yes zombie dragons, we all know that that should not exist but it appears that someone has found away. With Dia spells and fire type spells at the ready, they opened up the carnage on them and took out the zombie dragons. Inside the chest was the cut off tail of a rat.

The Trials part 2

When the warriors headed towards the teleporter pad they were attacked by five Rakshasas. The five were not prepared to face the warriors. One got his but handed to him by the black belt. The others were handle By the red mage and black mage. Upon the defeat of the enemies the head towards the teleporter. they appear in another room, just like the last one, small with a teleporter at the other end. This time they are attacked by a mummy and 5 zombie minotaurs. Which are made quick work of. They touch the teleporter and appear in another room slightly larger with two pads. Which one? By following there own rule of always going left they chose the right one. Another small room this time they were attack by horned devils. They made it through the battle and the teleporter. Another small room with two choices. They went left which brought them back to the first room. But at least they had for knowledge of where these teleporters would take them. So when they get back to the fifth room they went right this time. They appeared at the upper end of a corridor. Along the path is seven zombie minotaurs. No problem for the warriors. Now in another small room, square in shape, with two teleporters. The red mage thinking that if they go there normal route that they will most likely end up in a previous room choose the right one. Another corridor this one is slit though.but meets up at the other end. as they travel down the passageway they are attack. For this time it is three nightmares. I know what you are thinking. How can they get up there? By teleporters, for those not paying attention. They find a room with a door at last. They check it out. It has a treasure chest. One with runes on it the same as in Mount Gulg and the Marsh Cave. They open it and find gauntlets. In this passageway there is one teleporter directly opposite the room. Another on the opposite side and a third at the end of the corridor. “Let’s go for the one in the middle.” suggested the black belt. This took them to a small room with stairs leading up.

The Trials Begin

Our heroes got back to the ship and told Cid where they had to go. So Cid piloted the ship East.he flew around the Citadel and finally found a place to land. It was just over the river and slightly pass the woods. It should be about a days travel on foot. While heading toward the Citadel they encounter some monsters. Such as Allosaurus, a few tigers, and a passing hill giant. They then reach the Citadel, where they make camp for the night. In the morning when everyone is ready they enter the Citadel. when they entered they see a vast room about 150’ by 150’. There are columns that head towards the center of the room and in circle the middle. When they reach the middle there is someone waiting for them. the person tells them that what they seek is on the third floor and good luck. They looked around for the stairs to the second floor. They found a room in the Northwest corner. In the room was a chair. No stairs. “Might as well sit on it.” mention the red mage. He is then teleported away. The others follow suit. They find themselves in a small room in the center of the second floor. Out side this room is another small room with a dais in the opposite corner. It would seem that the second floor is a small maze. The only way to get around through the small rooms is by way of a teleportation circle.


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