Warriors of Light


They seem to be in a big room with two exits. One is to the north, the other is to the west. Naturaly they take the west, for they always go left. The hall shortly ends and they must either go left or right. Left again. This leads to a room. The room is unlocked. They go inside but it is empty. So they backtrack and take the right passage. Another split, They make there usual choice. This leads to a huge room. They follow the path around, the room to the other side, where they find a door. They follow this hall, which leads to an elaborate door. This has to be where the crystal is.

They prepare for the main fight. Then enter the room. Before they can take ten step, they here a voice say “Hmph. You Humans do impress… I would not have thought to see you here.” Then With a flash of light Kraken is before them. He looks like a giant squid wearing a cape. He goes on to say “But do you really think you can defeat the fiend of water, here in my own domain? FOOLS!! THESE DARK DEPTHS SHALL BE YOUR TOMB!!!”

Thus the battle commenced. The mage got most of the kill. For everyone got in a hit, but the battle was over in about thirty seconds (5 rounds). The light warriors then head over to the huge crystal. Touches there smaller water crystal to the bigger one. Where the smaller one oce touch it glows, then pulses, with each pulse the light takes over more of the crysltal. Til the whole crystal is shining once again. They then proceed to the back of the room. There they find a Teleportation circle. Which they step on all together. They then find themselves out side of town a few miles away.



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