Warriors of Light


The heroes go into town. There is a stone pathway. They follow the stone pathway. It first leads them to the item shop. The item shop has for sale: Hi-potion, Ether, Remedy, Gold Needle, Traveler’s Cottage. They get what they need and move on.

The next stop is the Temple. Here they sign in and talk to the town people that are hanging around outside. The Red Wizard goes and talks to a beautiful woman. The woman goes on and on about her legs.The Master and the Black Wizard talk to a guy on the side and he ask them about Oxyale. This leaves the Withe Wizard to talkto the old man in the back. The old man tells them that the shrine sank into the sea two hundred years ago. Now there are mermaids living there- or so the story goes.

They are then stop further up the path by a bald man or perhapes a monk, I can’t tell. The guy tells him that the guy in the caravan has something weird for sale.After the Temple there is a cemetary. In the cemetary there are two people there. One is oviously drunk. He complains that he hasn’t caught any fish, so how can put food on the tableand ale in his stomach. The other person tell them that this use to be a beautiful town two hundred years ago.

The path turns around and they enter the middle of town. There they talk to a teenager who tells them of her farther. That he is with the caravan. She gives them the location of where they usually set up, and hopes that he comes home soon. Another monk tells them that Kppe’s been spreading some story about how he saw some shining thing fall out of the sky.

The path travels past two magic shops. They are both seventh level magic. So those of the appropriate type goes into them and looks around. Hanging around is another woman dress like a witch. She ask them if those are their real legs. The path turns south then splits. They take the left one first. This leads them to the Inn. There are two people hanging outside. The first woman tells them that the shrine is said to be filled with riches. Silver, diamonds… even tablets describing lost languages and civilizations, if you believe the legends. The guy dress like a nobleman tell them that long ago, an ancient race known as the Sky People used a language called lufenian. His brother, Unne, would always talk about it, telling him how he could speak it if only he had the Rosetta Stone.

The Inn dipite some damage is realy nice with a water fountain in front and a mote going around it leading to the sea. The price for the stay is 300 gil. A red dragon on the path to the right is amazed that the group have been honored by the dragon king.

About mid way down the path they run into Koppe. He tells them all about the shining object that he saw in the sky. He tells them that he thinks that it came down somewher near the waterfall to the north. No one believes him that he thinks that it is some kind of mechnical creature.

At the end of the path is a dock. At the dock is a blond woman guarding a strage contraption in the water.She tell them that she wanted to save the mermaids living on the seafloor, so she made this machine called a submarine out of a barrel. But when she went under water, she started running out of air,and couldn’t breath. Its totally useless. Even worse, its dangeous. you better keep away she warns.

The group figures that this is where the third fiends is. But how do they get down there with out drowning. So they decide to go to the caravan. And see what they have that is so weird.



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