Warriors of Light

Sunken Shrine: One More Floor

On this level they seem to be in a broken corridore. The wall on there left is breaking down and they can see a room. A little further up they are granted acess to the room. They check for traps on the door and procede in.There are two chest inside. The left one contains 7,690 gil. While the right one contains 8,135 gil. The group head out of the room to search the rest of this level.

While searching they encounter some white sharks. Over on the north west side they find another room. After the ritual they go inside, where they find three chest. p. One of the group spots some runes that the black mage was about to step on, in his haste to get to the treasure.they prepare them selves then step on the runes. The runes summon four water elementals. which they make short work of, for six verse four who do you think would win. In the left chest they found 5,450 gil. In the center chest they found 385 gil. In the right chest they found Giant’s Gloves. p. They headed north after this room. Where they find another roomand a third off in the distance.They head in. There is only one chest. No runes around this one. They open it to find a Light Axe. They then head over to the last room on this floor. Where after checking it they enter. There are four chest in this one. Yes there is runes. They prepare and touch the runes. Which summons five water elementals. Since they have encontered them before it goes well. Even thogh they are more powerful then the last. The first chest contained Ribbon. The second chest contained 9,900 gil. The third chest contained 7,340 gil and the last contained 2,750 gil. When they exit the red mage/ summoner spots the stairs heading down.



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