Warriors of Light

The Faerie

The warriors head to the desert in search of the caravan. They run into some desert creature such as desert barretta, giant scorpions, and a giant sand worm. They still make it through.

At the northern end of the desert they encounter the caravan. They find a merchant there. He is trying to sell a faerie in a bottle. His ask price 50,000 gil. The master of the group picks up the merchant by the neck. “Why are you selling it at such a high price.” The merchant response was, ” High price I was originally asking 1,000,000 gil but know one would buy it. I have to feed my family. what would you have done?”

They purchase the bottle, he offers to sell them some tonic but they decline. When they release the faerie it zooms away, flying northeast. The group head to the ship guessing where the faerie might be headed. They travel to Gaia. They head straight towards the pond. There they are met by the faerie who apologizes to them for taking off like that. She tells them that she just wanted to get away. Not that the merchant was bad or anything.

To thank them she takes the bottle that she was kept in, and dives into the water. when she emerges she give them the bottle. She tells them that inside is Oxyale. She explains that Oxyale will supply them with air when going under water for 24 hours. They thank her and head back to the ship. They head back to Onrac. Now they have away to survive underwater.

They talk to the owner of the submarine and tell her about the Oxyale. She gladly agrees to lend them the submarine. The warriors rest for the night and head our in the morning. Before they head out under the water they take a sip. This fills up there lungs with air. Looking out the view port, they see a spectacular sight. For none have been this far deep under water. They see different fishes and eels and the like. They soon come upon the temple. They don’t seem to head to the bottom, rather they land on the third floor where a dock like thing is built.

From what they gather they guess that the temple has a few levels, instead of the standard one.



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