Warriors of Light

The Sunken Shine

When they land they are two rows of columns in front of them. As they travel in they look to the right and spot a room. They check for traps and to see if it is locked. It is not. They open the door and see a chest in the middle of the room. They approach to within five feet. Check to see if there are any runes on the floor or on the chest. There is none. They open the chest and find 2,000 gil. The black wizard checks for secret hidings. (I swear he has to be a dwarf of some kind)

They head west past the columns and around the corner, there they spot another room. They do the normal procedure and enter. There is another chest . Same thing as last time. In the chest is 9,900 gill. They proceed to check out the northwest corner of this shrine and spot stairs going down.

When they reach the bottom they look around. This level is breaking down slowly but surely. They check out the west side of the “floor” that they are on they battle white sharks, big eyes, and the like. They then proceed to the north. Here they find another set of stairs heading up. They take the stairs for there is no place else to go.

This is more like a stairwell for they apper on a small platform where there is another set of stairs going up. Now they are in a small corridor. They they travel east for that way is left. It turns out that it is just a small alcove with an empty room. At the other end of the alcove there is set of stairs leading down. They take it.

Now they are out side a room. They do the normal procedures and head in. Here they find two chest, one just inside and to the right, the other is tucked around the corner. The first contains 110 gil, while the other contains 450 gil.Of course you know who is checking for false bottoms. At the other end of the room is a door. They head out to find another staircase. They head down.



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